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North vs. South

        Slavery was always a big issue of controversy between North and South.  While it was widely supported in southern states, slavery was mostly despised in the North.  These differences were caused mainly by variances in economies.  In the South, the land was far more fertile than the rocky soil of the North, and the population density was much lower.  This allowed for large plantations and profitable growing of crops.  Farmers in the South could buy slaves to do the work, especially after 1793 when Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.  Because the North’s economy was dependent on industry, manufacturing, and trading, it did not need many slaves.  Lacking that need displayed slavery as wrong to them.  The people with the political power in the North did not care about others’ economy.  They would still get their money.  They probably thought, “Maybe those ‘uneducated hicks’ will make cash our way.  Then we could have even more control.”  Eventually these differences coupled with the secession of some of the Southern states led to the Civil War.

Relations between North and South were tense.
Relations between North and South were tense.
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